The readiness period for the Nation Road winter maintenance has started

Winter maintenance
Three snow areas (winter maintenance areas) have been designated on the highway in Rreps, Kolsh and Bardhoc. All three have been provided with the needed amount of salt, snow equipment and adequate staff to manage and complete any works required, in line with the contractual obligations. In addition, meteorological stations have been installed in the Thirra Tunnel area in Kukës to provide real time information on the temperature, asphalt conditions and potential existence of ice on the road. The information is used, in turn, to intervene in real time as it may be required.
• 24-hour readiness during the winter maintenance period;
• Prevention and salting of the surface of the road, to avoid creation of ice and frost on the road;
• Road cleaning and treatment during snow falls.
Information table and toll-free number 08000400
Electronic signs have been installed at the entrance and along the main axis of all existing intersections. The signs are controlled and activated by the control center in Toll Plaza. Depending on the conditions of the road, construction sites or highway hazards, information is provided in real time to all road users, aiming to prevent any road accidents or incidents. All users must pay attention to any information provided in the information signs and should strictly comply with the Road Code and the road sign instructions.
• Information for road users through temporary and permanent information signs and electronic signs.
• 24/7 (round the clock) toll-free number available for any road user to obtain information on highway conditions and any issues they may encounter and in the event they require assistance.
24/7 (round the clock) patrol
In addition to the working teams undertaking various maintenance or capital works along the Milot-Morina highway, patrolling personnel is also present 24/7 along the highway. In addition to patrolling continuously, day and night, to identify and prevent incidents/accidents on the road, they also carry out the following tasks:
• Provide assistance to road users in the event of accidents or incidents on the highway;
• Intervene with regard to the relevant signs during road accidents, with the aim of preventing other accidents at the accident site and clearing the site before the road is reopened to traffic;
• Be present as fast as possible at the location where road users require assistance.
Variable message panels
Variable message signs (VMS) are structures installed along the Milot – Morina highway on existing intersections, which relay real time information on highway conditions.
Road users can obtain information from the VMS before entering the highway, thus, having the option to decide on whether they want to enter the highway. Along the highway, the users are also informed on the various events, incidents, construction sites, maintenance, traffic or weather conditions through variable messages in both Albanian and English.
Only under normal traffic situation, when there are no events to note, the signs will broadcast other messages related to:
• Road safety and driving behavior (seatbelt, safety distance, etc.);
• Services available on the highway (toll free number, website, etc.).
Currently, a total of 20 VMS are installed on the highway. Among other things, the VMS are a very important communication tool for us, used to improve road user driving behavior. Statistics show that the majority of fatal accidents result from road rules violations by road users.

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