Rehabilitation of the road segment encompassing the “pallati me shigjeta” overpass – the “Shqiponja” roundabout, lot 2.

Subject: “Rehabilitation of the Road Segment Encompassing the “Pallati me Shigjeta” Overpass – the “Shqiponja” Roundabout, Lot 2.
Contracting Authority: Albanian Road Authority
Object value: 1,882,553,022 ALL including VAT
The scope of the project is the construction of the continuation of the Tirana Ring Road, with a main road of two lanes in two directions as well as one emergency lane, with a length of 840 meters and 2 parallel roads one on each side of the main road, with two traffic lanes with a length of 840 meters each.
The civil works for this object encompass the following:
Construction of the underpass at the Migjeni street crossing. The underpass will be constructed with a 36 meter long gallery and descending/ascending ramps with 132m B/A structures on each side. Underground water drainage will be realized through a collection tank at a capacity of approximately 650 m3, with water being further extracted using a pumping system. The road system at the existing road level above the underpass forms a vehicle and pedestrian crossing, which is managed through a traffic light system.
The construction of the Lana Bridge will be realized through the construction of 5 independent parallel bridges to allow main road vehicle traffic, u-turning and pedestrian crossing. The overhead structures are designed to use prebuilt B/A beams with a length of 20.8m.
The entire bridge (encompassing all 5 components/pieces) has a length of approximately 61m.
The pedestrian underpass will be constructed alongside the bridge with a gallery of approximately 64m. The pedestrian access is ensured through stairs and elevators.
The entire object is lit and managed through the required horizontal and vertical signage, in compliance with the applicable standards.

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