This department manufactures metal construction panels using state-of-the-art metal processing methods and machinery. The product range is extensive. It includes lightweight and heavy-duty construction panels.

Cutting processes are completed using contemporary machinery. Some of the cutting machinery used includes Plasma Bevel CNC, Plasma Tub CNC, Laser CNC, etc.

Metal sheets are bent using the Piegatrice CNC machine with a 6 meters length, 8 axes and 400 ton. Metal sheet calendering is carried out with the 4 rolls Kalander CNC. Pipe profiles are bent with the Piegatubi CNC. Profile calendering is carried out with the 3 rvc rolls Kalander CNC. Lathing and milling of metal workpiece are carried out with Lathe CNC and Milling Machine CNC.

Welding is performed using the latest welding technology:

  • submerged-arc welding is carried out with a welding Robot at 1000A AC/DC.
  • MIG welding
  • TIG AC/DC welding
  • MAG welding