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Background of the project area
The territory where today is the square “Avni Rustemi” and beyond, 100 years ago was called “The groove of pasha”, as there was a cemetery.

In 1928, “New Journal” announced that the separation of the bazaars would happen”. Until then the only bazaar in the center of Tirana that was located, was where today is located the “Palace of Culture”. In 1931, the bazaar was built, which today is known as ” New Bazaar”, while (consequently) the one in the center of the city (at the Palace of Culture) was called” Old Bazaar “.

The New Bazaar remained the only center of trade for meat, fish and vegetables, but also for other products in Tirana.

Analysis of the existing situation

The new bazaar has a large area, which today is reduced as a result of the construction of some buildings. However, a considerable part has remained in place, so the New Bazaar continues to be one of the biggest trading markets of the items mentioned above.

The Market of meat and fish

The market where currently meat and fish are on trade has been the victim of many interventions in the course of these years, interventions that have little left of the architectural value in this area.

The strongest reason that has inspired the architectural solution has been the study of historical materials, where it is clearly documented the architectonic language of this building, its oriental character and its basic function.

Originally conceived as a shelter, covered with a roof, that was supported by a regular net of crowned columns of capitals modeled with regular geometric shapes; it would serve as a space under which sale-purchases during the day would be held.

So, referring to its architectural and functional origins, the project dislodges it from additions and interventions of time and brings it to its origin, where you can see from all architectural sides’ elements and structure, but nothing changes its function.

The market is reorganized inside in the same way as the actual one and the same services are offered. So there is the same number of the vendors of meat, fish and dairy products, there is also a restaurant, environment for the administration, a bar and technical facilities of related services.

This reorganization of the indoor environment in a rational way has made it possible to gain many premises that originally lost in the corridors and the organization within the market is more regular.

The shops will function according to a schedule set by the municipality, while the bar and the restaurant will be more autonomous, that is why, they are oriented from the square of the bazaar so that they have direct exit access.