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One of our latest projects is the construction of the New Ring that connects the zone of “The building with arrows” with Farka, solving the problem of car traffic that come from Square “Shqiponja” and Kombinat in the direction of the center, solving also the issue of the people traveling in the direction of southeast.

The construction ended in a time of record and the investment comes as a promise to open it before the start of the new academic year 2017-2018. With a length of 2.1 km, the segment Komuna e Parisit – Shkolla Teknologjike it belongs to the category A2, adapted for urban areas with main roads, parallel roads and conceived as a road with 12 entrances-disciplined exits. In order to facilitate the circulation of vehicles and increase the safety of citizens, four crossings of motor vehicles, pedestrian crossings, and in both directions of the movement were built pavements and bicycle lanes.

Works carried out with the best European standards include the complete construction of the water supply and sewerage system, the installation of vertical and horizontal signalization, the complete installation of street lighting and the construction of green areas.